AMLS members have the expertise and authority to assist municipalities in several areas in their daily operations, reducing administrative costs and time requirements on Councils and Community Planning staff.

A Manitoba Land Surveyor can help Municipalities and Community Planning to make better subdivision approval decisions by preparing accurate application sketches. (see subdivision requirements below).

Precise Measurements
The land surveyor has the equipment and skills to meet most measuring requirements. Some examples of these services include determining volumes of stockpiles, alignment of bridge supports, and establishing control lines for underground structures.

Right-of-Way Surveys
An interest in land for right-of-way purposes is established on the basis of a legal plan of survey. The land surveyor will perform the survey as required and prepare the necessary plans and legal descriptions.
Additional Services

Retracement surveys, special surveys, condominium surveys, mining claim surveys, treaty land entitlement surveys, road opening/closing plans, construction surveying and geographic information services are other needs which are met by the land surveyor.