We are Manitoba Land Surveyors

We protect your rights to fair property ownership and orderly development by defending the accuracy and the integrity of our land survey fabric. Established in 1881, the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors (AMLS) is the oldest land surveying association in Canada. We are a professional, self-governing body operating under The Land Surveyors Act (Manitoba), which regulates the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public and administration of the profession. The Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors sets the standards of practice, continuing education, conduct of members and investigates complaints from the public. Only a Manitoba Land Surveyor has the legal authority and expertise to properly define the legal boundaries of a parcel of land either on the ground or on paper.

Your Manitoba Land Surveyor is the person charged with the responsibility of advising on or determining the location of all corners or boundaries of property within the Province of Manitoba, Canada Lands excepted. Their authority is granted under The Land Surveyors Act, C.C.S.M. c. L60. Land Surveyors are professionals with a specialized knowledge of the legal aspects of real property, land use, and planning. They have been trained in the mathematical and related sciences appurtenant to their field and are required to meet high standards of qualifications before being authorized to practice. Land surveyors perform work with patience, sound judgement and logical thinking.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the AMLS, without the commitment to being registered as a Manitoba Land Surveyor, is invited to submit their resume and application FORM H to [email protected].

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